As a business owner, you’re likely familiar with the “80/20 rule” – 80% of revenue comes from 20% of your customers.

Is that true for you? Do you have a strong customer retention rate that translates well with your revenue? If not, it may be time to take a look at some of these proven practices to help bring back more familiar faces through your gates.

Loyalty Programs

For the typical working family, saving money is seen as a necessity. Families that visit your park or fun center want to be rewarded for their loyalty. It not only puts you in good graces with Mom & Dad, it also incentivizes return trips to keep coming back in order to earn that next reward.

For example, for every fifth trip to your park, visitors can get one free admission or something that works for you along those lines. So instead of visiting once and deciding on a new family outing the next time around, they will be more inclined think fondly on their previous visit and to come again. Tracking and identifying power users allows you to build relationships with your most devout customers who, in turn, become your strongest advocates.

Customer Service

Did you know that 68% of customers don’t return to a place because they are unhappy with the service that they receive? This one should really be a no-brainer. Treating your customers with the utmost respect and delivering extraordinary service goes a long way.

Think about the trickle-down effect: If a customer receives bad service, more often than not, they’ll rush to social media about their experience the second they get in the car. Suddenly, their network’s opinion of your business is swayed before you even have an opportunity to address the issue.

Keeping your employees smiling is the best way to get the best customer service. Use your social media platforms to keep an ear to the ground and respond promptly, politely and succinctly to any disgruntled users. If the conversation requires escalation, always extend a more-personalized method to obtain resolution.

E-Mail Marketing

A time-tested and proven strategy, having an email marketing strategy in place is truly golden when looking to continue business with customers. Whether sending regular newsletters covering your usual “goings on,” or notifying customers of special offers/promotions, it’s a measurable and cost-effective method to stay in touch.

Sending those on your list special coupons, rewarding people on their birthday or a simple thank you after they visit are all ways to connect. For instance, if a dad was thinking of something fun to do with his kids over the weekend he’ll remember that email that includes the coupon for your fun center. And hopefully when Saturday hits you’ll see him and his three children walk through the door.

Social Media

If you aren’t leveraging some form of social media for your business, then you’re seriously behind the times. Building relationships online with potential and existing customers will keep them coming back, and it starts with you and your voice. People share their daily lives on social media sites, so it’s important to make sure you’re a part of it. Users will often tag your park in the post or add to your location. Make sure you regularly search for these posts online and comment/interact with them. You should show them that you care they came to your place of business and that you definitely want to see them again.


While some people are extremely vocal about their discontent, others may not be. Issuing a periodic survey can help you take a proactive approach to retention and provide an anonymous space to voice praise and concerns. You’ll be able to see the areas in which you are excelling as well as those areas in which you could use some work.

What if I don’t want to do this myself?

As a business owner, things can get hectic and you may not have time to keep up with all of these things. Great news, we can help. With an experienced team, we’ll be able to get customers to continually come back and have the time of their lives! Shoot us an email or give us a call today at (330) 334-3132.

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