Social media is definitely one of the biggest channels that companies use to drive traffic! There’s a distinct difference between having a social media account because it’s the norm and having social media and using it to your full potential. A lot of the time fun centers and amusement parks have social media but aren’t using it to its full strength.

Here are six ways that your fun center is using social media wrong:

No Strategy

Most of the time we see clients that just do not have a strategy for their social media. They may be posting away but there’s no purpose for the post. Before you begin posting you should have a set strategy that fits with your branding. As with anything, it’s better to plan and execute than just execute without thought.

Joint Pages

Your personal page and your business page should most certainly be separated! We know you love your business and so do your Facebook friends, but it doesn’t make sense to have those pages combined. While it is smart to show your support, it’s not smart to keep using your personal page as a business page. Having those pages separate gives your business more credibility, you can take advantage of Facebook’s business tools and you won’t be bombarded by notifications on your personal device.

Using Twitter only for Facebook link shares

A huge “trend” among fun centers is only using their Twitter to share Facebook links. Sounds a little backwards doesn’t it? That’s because it is. Twitter is its own platform, it has its own audience and best practices. By only sharing Facebook links, you’re wasting time and the usage of the platform. If you only see Twitter as a Facebook sharing platform and nothing more, then it may be time to ditch the social network.


Visuals have the highest engagement among all posts. Since posts with pictures and videos have the highest amount of engagement it’s important to make sure your pictures and videos are of high quality. All too often we see pictures that look like they came before the iPhone era. With eye catching visuals you have a higher chance of conversion and engagement.

Speaking of pictures, where’s the hashtag?

Hashtags have taken over our lives! One of the best things about the ultimate photo sharing network, Instagram, is that it’s easy to be found by the hashtags that you use. If you’re using Instagram as one of your primary social networks, it’s time that you join the hashtag bandwagon. It won’t hurt to use location when you post as well.

Rarely posting

The biggest mistakes you can make is not posting or only posting once a month. People spend an average of 50 minutes on social media a day. When you’re not posting, you’re missing out on connecting with potential visitors and customers.

If you’re doing one or more of the things we have listed, it’s time to get the most out of your social media. Here at WDD, we like to start with an idea-driven strategy, drive traffic with great visuals and make sure we use our hashtags on Instagram! Contact us today for a consultation on your social media channels, we’d be happy to help.