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Scott Brown is an amusement industry veteran with nearly 25 years of experience in the Amusement and Attractions Industry. Scott is currently the Chief Operating Officer with WDD – Idea Driven Marketing, a marketing agency providing a full range of services from website design to digital marketing. Additionally, Scott is a sought after trainer and keynote speaker, Scott has been a highly rated speaker at amusement industry conferences in the U.S. and Europe on topics ranging from internet marketing, social media strategies, customer service and leadership. He is also the author of “Who Cares? Creating A Culture Of Service In Your Business”.

My Niece is Always Online, That’s Why She Runs My Social Marketing

Although I believe there is a level of maturity finally catching up with business owners in terms of the internet, there are still some crazy thoughts out there. One I still here surprisingly often is that some pre-teen, relative of the business owner or manager is doing most of the social media posting for the [...]

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