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About Seth Erickson

My name is Seth Erickson and I work for the ecommerce company Sellry. We serve as agents for El Toro, a tech company that’s made great strides in perfecting and patenting IP targeting technology. In a nutshell, we at Sellry talk to companies like yours who want to use IP targeting to reach prospective customers and we help you implement your campaign. Want to brainstorm possible ways your company might use IP targeting? Send me an email at seth (at) As an award winning Creative Director and technologist, Seth has helped numerous organizations such as Verizon, Warner Brothers, Adidas, and Redbox work on their customer experience projects, as well as strategic and tactical initiatives over the last twelve years. Currently, Seth lives outside of Dallas with his wife and two young daughters while he works to make marketer’s lives better with IP targeting.

IP Targeted Marketing: A New Focus

Advertise directly to devices and homes of your in-person visitors A technology called IP targeting lets you market directly to the physical visitors of your event or location. In this article, we’ll look at how the amusement/entertainment industry can use this technology and we’ll explain how it works. Scenario #1: Focused web [...]

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