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You need to know how to make your brand’s presence on platforms like Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, and Trip Advisor not only fertile ground for customers to make purchasing decisions – but also able to fend off negative comments/reviews before they can chew away at your reputation. The old adage is “Reputations are built by [...]

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Your Target Audience is Changing and So Should Your Marketing

For decades, your primary way of marketing to your customers was through print, radio, and television ads. Your options were fairly simple and straightforward, and you were effective at reaching the right people. Then technology changed everything. Your offline advertising didn’t work as well. Confusion and endless questions about the best way to reach [...]

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Four Things to Know: Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for seemingly an eternity — is there really much more to explore? Have new forms of communication like social media taken over? It may surprise you, but email marketing is still number one when it comes to effectively reaching your most loyal guests. Email use is set to reach [...]

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E-Commerce – An Infographic

When you hear the word e-commerce you may think of giants such as Amazon or eBay. You may think of buying things such as clothes or technology online but have you thought about implementing e-commerce on your website? Your revenue will increase! Don’t believe us? Read our case study on Mulligan’s Fun Center in [...]

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My Niece is Always Online, That’s Why She Runs My Social Marketing

Although I believe there is a level of maturity finally catching up with business owners in terms of the internet, there are still some crazy thoughts out there. One I still here surprisingly often is that some pre-teen, relative of the business owner or manager is doing most of the social media posting for the [...]

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