Although I believe there is a level of maturity finally catching up with business owners in terms of the internet, there are still some crazy thoughts out there.

One I still here surprisingly often is that some pre-teen, relative of the business owner or manager is doing most of the social media posting for the business because that person “is always online”.

Let’s extend that logic to other areas of your business:

  • My uncle is in charge of our food service because he’s always eating.
  • My daughter is in charge of group sales because she always did a bang-up job selling Girl Scout cookies.
  • My son is going to be our accountant because he got an “A” in math last semester.

Yes, your logic is REALLY that messed up if you have a teenager running your social media for the sole reason of them being a teenager.

Your online presence is often the first – and many times the only place where people form an opinion about your business, and discover what you do and who you are.

I’m certainly not saying a teen couldn’t do this job and even do it well. I’m simply suggesting that most people that extend that opportunity to a teen have no idea if they do it well or not. Obviously, that level of ignorance would not be acceptable with your food service, group sales or accounting. It certainly shouldn’t be acceptable with your online marketing.