You may think that social media is a waste of time or something that should be left for teens to use. We would agree with you if that was true but that is not the case. It is now 2017, and it’s a channel that you just can’t afford to ignore when it comes to marketing. You may be disagreeing with us at this point but hear us out.

We can guarantee that a majority of your potential customers are on social media, most likely Facebook. Facebook boosts an incredible 1.18 billion daily active users. While the time in front of the TV is declining, the time behind a mobile screen is rapidly increasing. Users spend around 30 minutes a day on Facebook and other mobile apps!

So maybe you’re starting to pick up what we’re laying down; you have potential guests on social media! Now information is only good if you act upon it. So here are a few steps you can take to get your business thriving on social media.

Ready. Set. Wait. What social media platforms should you start with? This will depend on your current customer demographics. If you’re dealing more with 30-49 year olds, you’ll want to fire up a Facebook page. If you have a younger demographic, you’ll want to start an Instagram. (Instagram is Facebook owned, so ads are very easy to configure but we’ll save that for another blog.)

It’s time to attract followers on your social media pages! One way you can do this is to add a CTA on your homepage about your new social media profiles. Most businesses have an icon in the top right corner or in their footer (like Cowabunga Bay below). It’s up to you were you think the best place is to add icons but make sure they are visible. One thing to think about when you do make the move to add these icons to your website look at an area that you see the highest concentration of clicks. You may even want to add a pop-up message that promotes your social media. Once they follow you on social media, you have them locked into your brand, from there you’ll be able to regularly communicate with the user and hopefully get them to stop by your fun center!

You now have your social media profiles set up. You have a CTA on your homepage about your social media profiles. Now what? Strategy, a plan of action.

While the biggest mistake a company can make is not having any social media the second biggest mistake a company can make is having social media but not having a strategy behind it. A strategy is the glue that sticks everything together for a wonderful social collage. The great thing about social media is that you can practically post anything that you want, should you post just anything? No. What that is supposed to mean is that your strategy can be made up of anything. From videos and pictures to articles that are relative to your industry, create a myriad of different things to post.

The best advice we could give to sit down with your business calendar and match your social media strategy with what you want people to know/do regarding your business. Got a summer sale coming up? Let the people following you know! Going to be closed on certain days? Let the people following you know! Social media is more than a teen pastime, it is a way to connect and communicate with current and potential customers. It’s time to stop looking at social media as an option but as a proven channel for growth.

We know, you just went from 0 to 60 in a matter of one blog but we’re here to help you through that turbulence you could be feeling inside. Reach out to us and let us know if you have any questions, comments or need any help!

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