For decades, your primary way of marketing to your customers was through print, radio, and television ads. Your options were fairly simple and straightforward, and you were effective at reaching the right people. Then technology changed everything. Your offline advertising didn’t work as well. Confusion and endless questions about the best way to reach your offline customers have ensued! Although technology has made some things more complicated, it’s also providing some new options. One you might want to learn more about is Smart WiFi. It closes the gap between the offline and online world in a way that traditional marketing cannot.

For a lot of us, change is hard. Coupon mailers like ValPak have been especially important for Family Entertainment Centers because they went straight to your customers’ mailboxes. Unfortunately, technology didn’t just change your marketing strategy. It changed your customer base, and your mailers aren’t pulling their weight anymore.

Take me for example. I am your target customer. I am a mother with a 10- and 5-year old who love laser tag, go karts, putt putt golf, arcade games, slides and rides! My kids would spend every weekend at a Family Entertainment Center if they could, however, we rarely go because Family Entertainment Centers are barely on my radar outside of birthday celebrations. If you’ve relied on traditional marketing like ValPaks to reach me and my family, you are out of luck. My ValPaks don’t even make it into my house. They live in the recycling bin outside my garage door.

Smarter marketing with smart WiFi

Smart WiFi is a new solution you may want to try out. It seamlessly gathers customer emails, valuable demographic information and visit behavior. With a customer database built from such robust information, it could become the best weapon in your marketing arsenal.

Smart WiFi uses your WiFi network to collect customer contact information and send targeted messages. When people access your WiFi, they land on a portal that asks them to provide their email address or social login to gain access. You can also ask for additional information, like birthdays, to begin building a profile in your customer database. Then, every time that customer returns, whether or not they connect to WiFi, you’ll learn more about them.

This rich customer database lets you target customers based on what you know about them and their visit history. It helps you answer important questions, like:
Who is actually walking through my doors?
Who are my most loyal customers?
How can I drive traffic during slow times?
Who should I target with birthday party packages and other special promotions?
Which marketing messages are actually making money?

Reviewing your smart WiFi options

The first step in finding a new Smart WiFi system is to understand what you are shopping for. Most people who are new to Smart WiFi aren’t sure what to look for and what criteria to keep in mind. Here are three important criteria to consider.

Hardware is the backbone of any Smart WiFi solution. If you’ve already invested in a guest WiFi network, you need to make sure it’s compatible with any service you add. An existing integration can save you money. However, if you do need to invest in new hardware, many Smart WiFi providers make it easy by including high-end hardware at below market prices.

Another important consideration is the software component.This is the online platform that you’ll interact with. You want to find a Smart WiFi provider that is an all-in-one platform to stop the resource drain many marketing teams experience. The last thing you want to do is invest in a system that requires additional subscriptions to different platforms to be effective. You should only spend additional money on marketing resources if you want to, not because you have to.

Finally, look for a solution that includes email attribution. While all Smart WiFi providers can show you foot traffic, not all can attribute someone walking through your doors to a specific email message. The best way to know if your emails are working is to see the results.

Your target audience has changed and so should your marketing. Traditional advertising with ValPaks and circulars just don’t work the way they used to. Smart WiFi is a great option that gives your customers something valuable, and let’s you more intelligently offer them things they’ll appreciate.
Your time and energy can be redirected to ensuring that your customers have the best experience once they walk through your doors.